These are the main characters of Clash of Clans:




The Barbarian is the first unit you unlock in the barracks. The Barbarian’s appearance is a man with an angry, battle-ready expression, yellow hair and a long yellow mustache. He wears a brown kilt with a leather belt and an iron shield-shaped buckle. He also has a spiked wrist-band on both arms, as well as a short sword in his right hand and sandals on his feet. The Barbarian gains a head band upon reaching level 3 and a viking helmet at level 5 and level 6 barbarian received sharper sword and mighty horn helmets.







The Archer is a ranged unit. It is depicted as a female with pink hair and sharp eyes, a light green dress, a belt with a small bag attached to it, a golden ring on her shoulder, and pink feathers for her arrow flights. Archers have no preferred targets, attacking whatever comes within their range.










This is the fastest character in the game. Their first target are resourcebuildings making them the ideal troop to deploy if your primary concern from a raid is collecting resources. They deal double damage to resourcebuildings (goldmines, elixircollectors and storages for each). This means that they deal more than 2x as much damage as Barbarians and 3x as much as Archers to these types of buildings! The trade off is their relatively low health which is higher than an Archer but lower than a Barbarian. Because the nature of the character is to attack resourcebuildings first, ignoring all defenses, they can be vulnerable to attack and should not be deployed without another type of troop for support.








Giants are large troops capable of taking huge damage, but deal very little in return. They primarily target defenses, so in a large group they can be very strong at crippling a village. Due to their high health, players usually deploy them first in order to protect the other weaker but more offensive troops from defenses.








Wall Breakers

Wall Breaker’s appearance is that of a small skeleton that wears a brown aviator hat and has a small scar across its right eye. It carries a large bomb. Wall Breaker attacks by running directly to its target, the nearest wall, and blowing itself up kamikaze style. It deals splash damage around the enemy and deals 40x damage to walls. The wall breaker will keep hitting any wall until all are gone, even if you put it far away from any wall. Each time the wall breaker is upgraded, the bomb it’s holding becomes larger. At level 3 the bomb becomes larger. At level 5 the Wall Breaker’s bomb turns golden.








Balloons are slow moving aerial units that do devastating amounts of splash damage to ground targets.


Balloons, like giants, target defensive structures first.








The Wizard is a magical unit that wears a blue cloak depending on it’s level and a leather belt with golden buckle and brown boots.


The Wizard is very similar to the archer in that it uses a ranged attack and can shoot over walls. It shoots fireballs that do high damage, but it requires support as it has relatively low hitpoints and can easily be killed by defenses.







The Healer is a flying unit. She has no attack abilities, but can rapidly heal any ground units, except when in defense (in which case she heals damaged buildings). When the healer is deployed, a halo appears around her. If all units have full health, she won’t do anything. Should a unit be hurt by a defense, she will fly over and start healing.

Note that Healers will not heal flying units (other Healers / Dragons / Balloons) or itself (unlike a healing spell which heals everything, healers included).







The Dragon is a fearsome flying unit and is capable of terrorizing both ground and air units. Unlike the balloon, which also flies, the dragon has a ranged attack, similar to archers.







The P.E.K.K.A is the last troop to be unlocked in the barracks. It has the strongest armor and damage of any unit in the game. However, it is the most expensive of them all. She has purple crystal spikes growing on her side, and carries a sword.

At level 3 a P.E.K.K.A’s armor color changes from dark blue to black, giving her a tougher look.





Baby Dragons

He is a small tank with little damage. It’s mostly used to clear the buildings outside the base.

The baby dragon also has a special ability. when no troops are surrounding him, he gets rageful and everything he does will be 3 times faster.





This quick troop can dig under any walls and will not be able to receive any damage while he performs this move. The miner is perfect for destroying the buildings near the town hall, so your other troops clear up the defense around it.

He is unlocked at barrack level 12.






Electro Dragons

The Electro Dragon is 1 of the best troops in the game. He fires lightning strikes from his mouth that hit multiple buildings around his target.

He also has a lot of health and is very difficult to kill. but when the opponent succeeds in killing him, he leaves 3 lightning strikes at the place where he died







The Yeti is one of the biggest tanks in the game but he is very slow. The Yeti deals a lot of damage, but that’s not the main purpose for his character. On his back he wears a big bag with many yetimites.

The yetimites are quick and spread around the base once they are released. In groups they deal very much damage.





Dragon Riders

This troop is the most recently added character. He is fast and can move quickly from target to target, but he doesn’t do much damage.

When he is killed, he leaves a big bomb to break open walls or to do damage to other structures.

He can be unlocked from barrack level 1.




Dark elixir troops



He is a small but quick troop that works well in big groups.
He flies around the base throwing mini cannonballs.

If he is used correctly, he can make a big difference in destroying the





Hog Riders

This troop is personally one of my favorite ground units. He can jump over walls and is very fast.

He only targets defense buildings and deals a lot of damage.

Most people use them for distraction while the big damage dealing units can destroy buildings.







She is a mini tank and deals damage by swinging around her axe. Everything in reach of her weapon will be hit.

The valkyrie is unlocked in dark Barrack level 3.








This is a huge tank that doesn’t do a lot of damage but has very much health

When he dies, 2 other mini golems will appear out of him. If you upgrade him above level 6, the second 2 golems will break into 4 more when they die.







She can shoot magic spells out of her hand that reaches ground an air troops.

With the staff in her hand she can resurrect skeletons that will crawl out of the ground.






Lava hounds

This is the biggest unit in the game with the most health ever. His damage is not really good. When he dies his body will split into 6 little lava pups. They’re quick and deal more damage than the lava hound.








This is another tank that rolls big rocks against buildings.

He deals a lot of damage.

He is unlocked at dark barrack level 6





Ice Golems

This troop is very slow and doesn’t deal much damage.

Although everything he hits will be frozen for a short time and when he dies everything surrounding him will be frozen for 10 seconds.






She is very fast and jumps over buildings, but she can’t damage buildings.

She only damages enemy troops and heals your own troops.

The perfect back up.


The Barbarian King

He is bigger than a Giant and toughest of all Barbarians! Create him out of Dark Elixir and let him loose on an enemy village!!

The Barbarian King is an immortal unit, so he only has to be trained once. However, if he falls in battle he must regenerate his health by putting him to sleep before he can be used again. Also, when you attack a barbarian king while it’s still recharging, their alter will be empty.The Barbarian King can be unlocked from the Barbarian King Altar, which costs 10,000 Dark Elixir.








The Archer Queen

She is an immortal unit so she only has to be trained once. However, when her health is lowered in battle she must regenerate before she can be used again. The amount of time she sleeps is directly proportional to the health she has left at the end of the battle. So if she is not damaged then she is ready to fight immediately however, if she falls in battle then she must sleep for the full regen time shown below.

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